Door & Hardware Specialties installed these new metal and wood doors at I CAN CHILD CARE in Hampton, VA!

For more pictures, please visit the Our Work page.

Door and Hardware Specialties is looking for an experienced Installer of Division 10 washroom partitions and accessories to join their team!

We are seeking qualified individuals and sub-contractors to install restroom partitions and accessories. Candidates must be experienced and have a clean driving record. Door & Hardware Specialties has a great employee benefit package. Health Insurance, Paid Holidays, vacation, IRA.

Must be able to: 

  • Layout and install Restroom Partitions
  • Layout and install Restroom Accessories
  • Have a clean driving record
  • Sub-Contractors must be licensed and insured

Door and Hardware Specialties is expaning to Norfolk, VA!

We are excited to provide solutions to contractors, architects, facility managers and business owners with quality commercial doors, hardware, toilet partitions and washroom accessories in the Norfolk area. Our new location will officially open in May! 

Our Norfolk office is located at 6001 Miller Store Rd., Norfolk, VA 23502 and our phone number is 757-855-3142.

Door and Hardware Specialties would like to welcome Mr. Steve Pitt, AHC to the team. Steve has been in the business for 50 years. He received his certification in 1986. He has served in both the distribution and manufacturers representative sides. Steve is serving our customers in the Tidewater region as well as central Virginia. We are excited to have Steve on the team because he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. Together we are looking forward to moving forward and upward in the door and hardware industry.

Door and Hardware Specialties would like to welcome Mr. Chris Gupton to the team. Chris brings with him years of experience in sales, management and customer service. He is heading up our Division 10 Specialties department. We are excited to see where he takes the department as he builds up the sales and installation of restroom partitions and accessories.

CONTACT US PHONE: (804) 752-7756